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Domain server changes , Change happens at all IP Server and Account Old expected to change new domain, to be reusable.Thanks

SSH (secure shell) is the same as telnet, used for machine machines, but SSH has some advantages, can be used to copy files terenkrip. This is the advantage of ssh, before the packet is transmitted then the packet will be encrypted first. The process is also done by a second party, client and server. By using SSH you can move freely through the account hosting file stack. You can also perform tasks such as monitoring log files and starting or stopping services (valid in VPS / Dedicated services). You can also use it to install the software to your hosting account or manage the MySQL database. SSH allows you to do more than standard web.

One of the many uses used by phreakers when they use a virtual private server is by utilizing the tunneliing feature, you need to know this tunneling has many uses where a web developer can create a path or track by managing VPS especially if they use a system-based operation Linux, in addition to using Tunneling then you can access the internet using your own private private server, wah interesting is not it?

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VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a server side technology operating system and software that enables a machine with large capacity divided into multiple virtual machines. Each virtual machine serves the operating system and software independently and with fast configuration. Globally VPS is often used for Cloud Computing, OpenVpn,SSH, Running Software,Web Server , etc. We can control VPS (Virtual Privat Server) with Remote Access Dekstrop or commonly called remote controller, using an application like Putty for Windows OS and Terminal for Linux.